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This is only a portrait of a shooting from me.

Here you can play my chill and relax playlist.. there are songs from last and this year. That are really a lots of songs, from all genres :) Maybe there is something in you like!


Recently i cook a lot. Normally I came home very late every day, and then I was too tired for cooking something time-consuming... you know? But recently I spend more time for cooking some healthy dishes. BUT I still love Pizza, Burgers and this things SO MUCH (but everyone know, thats not really healthy) - ...anyway we should take care a little bit of ourself.

So i prepare a lot of dainty dishes, like healthy Tacos, salads, wraps,... indeed some very fine Smoothies (will show you in next time).

Today I will share with you a very fast and nice salad. You only need:
  • Rucola
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Herbs (what you like, i took basil)
  • Chilli peppers - when you like it hot ;-)
  • Aceto balsamico
  • Pumpkin seed oil

So and this is relly easy now:

Shell the potatoes and cut them into slices. Then chop the onion in small pieces and give some herbs and chilli over the potatoes and onion. Then you have to fry it in a pan, start with the onions and then also the potatoes. In the meantime you can prepare the rucola salad with pumpkin seed oil and balsamico.

When the potatoes and onions are fried (so crispy like you want, i like it REALLY crispy), give it on the salad and the dish is done!

You can also combine it with chicken, wholemeal bread, other salads, or what you want... Its a really fast ,easy dish and perfekt for the lunch :-)!

Healthy Salad with fried potatoes, onions, chilli, rucola and so on

hello! I am always looking for new products for my skin and i really favour natural products. They are not harmful for the skin like all this chemical things from the normal drugstore. Of course could be that its irreconcilable with your skin, every  human is different.

I use and test now the Manna soaps (www.mannaseife.de) since one week. I got them from my sister, she bought it in Berlin. The soaps are the "cleanser" for the face. i have the starter-package: the black one is the "Eden Gesichtsreinigung", the white one "coco salzseife" and the smal one "coco seife mit Teebaumöl"... 

The Eden is for the morning, it contains carbonpowder and is really good for bad and oily skin. After using it i apply my day cream (what is nature too), and this things..

The Coco Soap with tea tree oil i use at night after removing make up. You really have a good feeling after that. 

And the Coco Saltsoap is for peeling the face and innervates the circulatory. This soap i just take 2-3 times during the week. 

Now i use it for a week and i really like the feeling from my skin. I find them really good because they go more under the skin...

So i really can recommend the soaps for using it instead of all this chemical shit. 

Yess i did it, now i dyed my hair really pastell pink - but only a little bit. So it depends on the light, is there only few light it looks more like middleblonde but in the sun its really pink! So really a intressting haircolor! I like it and now we will see how long the color keeps pink... i think after 2 hair-washes the pink is washed out :(! 

Thanks on my best friend Lena H. from FRISEUR HEMETSBERGER SEEWALCHEN :) she always makes my hair fcking awesome! :-*

I will attach more photos if i have new, this is only from the iphone and the color looks really different and more orange than pink? 

Its cold winter, so i want to reheat you with sunglasses :-)!

I have new photos from a photoshoot in December. On the photos i wear my Frankie Shades from QuayAustralia. The other one i will show you in one of my next posts.

I find Quay has really the coolest and hippest sunglasses currently, and they are not really expensive. You can see a lot of stars like Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Shay Mitchell, and a lot more with this glasses (more on Quay-Facebook). I have 2 pairs now but i will buy more! You can buy it online at quayaustralia.com, at asos, nastygal and more shops. Topshop sell it too!!

Do you know other really cool sunglasses - write me and let me know :-)