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I said it a long time ago with a post. And want to say it again, please follow my tumblr :-).
I like tumblr really, sometimes there is a lot of shit too, but you can find a lot of inspiring things, and outfits. You can build a site for you, where you have all at one go - like your own little "black board".

I am always reblogging my fav photos about fashion, interior, animals, quotes... and sometimes some photos what i take.

I would be glad if you can find there too some inspiration for you. I think there is something for anyone. If you have or know some cool inspiring Tumblr-sites, i would be pleased when you show me.

Visit me: yougotalickit.tumblr.com

And i would happy if you follow my instagram too :-)


Ein von Lindita (@linditaymas) gepostetes Foto am

Tomorrow is monday, wish you a nice week!!

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Linda L is an austrian girl, working as a graphic-designer in austria, and love fashion and trends. Posting about the best online-shops, new cosmetic-trends, online-trends, hairstyles,...

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